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West Vincent Community Day

Come check us and a bunch of other local businesses out at the 13th Annual West Vincent Community Day at the West Vincent Township Park. We'll be there with some plants and a sampling of our produce. See what else is happening in our neck of the woods!



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East Nantmeal Sustainable Speaker Series

The Environmental Advisory Committee for East Nantmeal Township presents its 2015 Sustainability Speaker Series. Each session will be at the Township Building starting at 7 pm.

"Think globally, eat locally." is the motto of Sam Cantrell, Executive Director of Maysie's Farm Conservation Center. Being raised on the farm, Sam's work as a field biologist and his travels around the world compelled him to action. Sam is a pioneer in the Community Supported Agriculture movement.
Samantha Smenkowski and Zachary Heacock are a young couple who started as volunteers at a local farm four years ago realizing that their passions would soon turn into a full fledged life mission at Full Circle CSA. Sammy is an artist and a great cook who found a new canvas in the fields with vegetables as her medium. Zachary has a background in Permaculture and a longing to bring food, ecology and community together.
Moriah Bilenky, owner, manager, and sole employee of Moriah's Horse Powered Farm was not raised on a farm and with little idea of what farm life meant, at the age of 10, Moriah knew she wanted to live on a farm and be a farmer. Today she starts her own farm - the most honorable profession she believed a person could do, grow food for people.


Come check out Full Circle CSA and some other local sustainable farmers to hear about how growing healthy food is leading the way to a sustainable future.

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GMO Free PA - Sustainable Farming Practices

Come listen to Mark Smallwood from Rodale Institue, Howard Cileger GMO Crop Expert, Don Brubaker- Organic Farming: What's in it for us? Is that Enough?, and Sam Cantrell from Maysie's Farm talk about Sustainable Farming Practices at Miller's Natural Foods in Bird-in-Hand, PA. We love to learn about soil health and matters dealing with chemical free farming and hope you'll join us to stay educated.

Find out more at www.facebook.com/gmofreepalancaster

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Photos taken by Samantha Smenkowski