Full Circle CSA

Bringing Community, Environment, Food, and Health Full Circle

The First Circle

From a single point comes a circle, wholeness. In and out, Completion. We started farming when we began to realize the disconnect in our communities and the environment. Through farming we hope to close the loop of consuming and producing, creating healthy food along with a healthy ecosystem. This is the point from which we hope to radiate our circle outward to inspire our community to appreciate our home on Earth and the food which it provides.

Right now we are in the process of planning our infrastructure needs and fundraising to get off to a strong start this new year and new farming season. Full Circle CSA will be providing fresh produce for members, farmers' markets, and Roots Cafe in West Chester, PA. We look forward to expanding our circle of friends to you and yours so check back to find out where to find our produce and how to join our CSA program,

Photos taken by Samantha Smenkowski