Full Circle CSA

Bringing Community, Environment, Food, and Health Full Circle


We all have a major role to play as individuals, communities, and whole societies in taking care of the environment which provides for all of our needs. Farmers have to be especially conscious of their impacts, for farmers are the stewards of the Soil. With the invention of Mechanized Agriculture less than 100 years ago came the loss of half of our top soil (http://www.worldwildlife.org/threats/soil-erosion-and-degradation). 59 percent of U.S cropland is in commodity monocultures to become processed food, animal feed, or fuel.  Meanwhile, only 2 percent of farmland is used for fruit and vegetable production (http://www.ucsusa.org/food_and_agriculture/solutions/expand-healthy-food-access/the-healthy-farmland-diet.html#.VNi13C50eJc).  These monocultures are sustained artificially with the use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides.  Through the continuous cultivation practices of modern agriculture we have lost our soils and in the process destroyed forests, wetlands, even creating a dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico.  Why are we using more land on raising meat, feeding meat, and then processing what's left into junk food than we are on growing healthy fruits and vegetables which are the building blocks of a healthy diet? 

"The overwhelming majority of pesticides used on U.S. farms do not show up on our food. And yet,

  • 93% of Americans tested by the CDC had metabolites of chlorpyrifos — a nuerotoxic insectide — in their urine. Banned from home use because of its risks to children, chlorpyrifos is part of a family of pesticides (organophosphates) linked to ADHD.
  • 99% of Americans tested positive for DDT degradants, even though DDT hasn't been used in the U.S. since 1972. Women who were exposed to DDT as girls are 5 times more likely to develop breast cancer."


Why are large corporations allowed to poison our food, our land, our water? How can we proceed into a future of more consumption when there is no soil left to consume?

These questions are what inspire us to do what we do. To us, the most important thing in the world is Health. Health isn't just feeling good. Health radiates and Heals.  Health means there is a system which is functioning properly. Our cultural systems are not healthy. The cure to our disease cannot be bought or sold, the cure for this ailment is exactly what created the infection, Humanity. What Humanity has lost in it's evolution into mechanization and centralization is the knowledge of the fact that we are from Nature. We are part of Nature, a Natural System of Ecology. This science proves 100% that everything, EVERYTHING, is connected.

If you do not feel connection you can easily get connected. Think about the water cycle. The Sun, which warms and brings energy to all Creation, evaporates the water from the Ocean, Rivers, Lakes, and Streams connecting it to the Air. The cool Air of the Sky condenses the evaporated water back into its heavier form dropping it over the Earth. The Plants, the Animals, the Soil, the Microbial Life, We need that water. You and I are 60% water.

Given the knowledge and feeling of interconnection, we must farm appropriately. We focus on Soil health and function so healthy plants grow and we don't have to force feed them fertilizers. The health of the Soil and Plants creates a stable ecosystem in which insects keep each other in check, allowing us to enjoy there presence rather than run for the sprayer. We use minimal tillage practices to allow the Microbial Life to have a safe place to create their Healthy systems of converting plant exudates, compost, and mulch into more bio-available food for our Vegetables.

Imagine 59 percent of farm land being used for Sustainable farming, for Permaculture, for local communities to learn and share their knowledge about the Land and how to Heal and keep Health. Imagine animals out to pasture with diverse cover crop plantings to create a healthy diet for them while building Soils for more healthy pasture for more healthy animals. Imagine if we apply what we truly know and feel about the interconnectedness of our Natural world which is our Home. Join us in learning, teaching, growing, and sowing this knowledge of the very real possibility of a Sustainable future. We are all infinitely Creative, may the Communities be our canvas and Peace and Love be our medians.

Photos taken by Samantha Smenkowski