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Meet your Farmers

Samantha and Zachary are a young couple who have been farming in Chester County, PA for 7 years.  We started as volunteers at a local farm, and gardeners in the backyards of our welcoming families before ever realizing that our passions would soon turn into a full fledged life mission.  Sammy is an artist and a great cook who found a new canvas in the fields with vegetables as her medium.  Zachary has a background in Permaculture and a longing to bring food, ecology and community together.  As a couple we've been growing vegetables and running a local farm, meeting many great people just as excited as we are about taking care of the land through growing wholesome produce.  This support in our community and the encouragement of our friends and family has led us on a path to start our own project.

Full Circle CSA has learned first hand that small scale, intensive farming using sustainable methods to build living soil is more productive for the land, the plants, the farmers and therefore the community.  Utilizing minimum tillage techniques, crop rotation, diverse soil amendments and compost we can ensure healthier soil for the future and less consumption of non-renewable resources which we see as important pieces to a larger puzzle.  At Full Circle CSA we like to have intimate relationships with the land, our plants and vegetables, as well as our community.  We love to welcome our customers to the farm, and to ask questions about how when why and where. We want you to know about your food, farmers, and how you can grow delicious vegetables for your family.

Sammy and Zac

Sammy and Zac

Photos taken by Samantha Smenkowski